Chanshtnu Muldoon Park Ribbon Cutting Opens Park

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Mayor Ethan Berkowitz and Ainslee Phillips snip the ribbon at Spirit of Muldoon picnic to open Anchorage’s newest park at Muldoon Road & DeBarr. Assemblyman Pete Petersen and Assembly Chair Forrest Dunbar hold ribbon. Park Planner Steve Rafuse emcees as Selina Metoyer, Northeast Community Council President, looks on with Senator Bill Wielechowski, Dave Ulmer, Rep. Ivy Spohnholz and Rep. Lance Pruitt. Aaron Pascar, Nunaka Valley Community Patrol, managed parking for the event with Keith Ferris, not pictured.

Eighth annual Spirit of Muldoon picnic and BBQ was a rousing success with a great turnout. Thanks to Northeast Community Council for hosting it.