Chester Creek

Chester Creek in Chanshtnu Muldoon Park, east of Muldoon Road at DeBarr.

Chester Creek is an anglicized version of the Dena’ina name Chanshtnu
– CHANSH-nu – 
meaning Grass Creek. Coho salmon spawn in the creek.

Alaska Greenhouse site, east of Muldoon Road, south of DeBarr
1301 Muldoon Road, Anchorage, Alaska 99504

CLICK HERE for a map of Chester Creek in Chanshtnu Muldoon Park in a new browser tab.

The top route (red solid line) on the map is the historic position – Chester Creek’s original, natural streambed. The bottom route (pink dotted line) is where the Municipality chose to move it.

The Northeast and Scenic Foothills Community Councils repeatedly voted to oppose realigning Chester Creek and selling off the road frontage for commercial development. Area residents voted several times in favor of creating a Muldoon Town Square Park here. The park master plan process began in 2015. We also requested that plans for realignment be delayed until an East Anchorage District Plan had been approved. (This did not happen.) The new Chanshtnu Muldoon Park was approved in 2015. Muldoon Town Square Park was officially named  Chanshtnu Muldoon Park in July 2017. Phase 1 is Muldoon Town Square. Here’s how it looked before:

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How Chester Creek got its name: Rediscovering the Dena’ina Oct. 12, 2013, in the Anchorage Daily News.

KTVA TV story June 26, 2012: Despite Public Outcry, Creek Realignment Plans Move Forward

KSKA Public Radio story June 20, 2012: Despite Community Outcry, Anchorage Assembly Moves Ahead with Chester Creek Realignment.

The Anchorage Municipal Assembly held a new public hearing,, at which many east Anchorage residents turned out to testify. Resolution No. AR 2011-340(S amended) was passed, 6-5. It included numerous stipulations and restraints regarding realignment of the creek. It reflected East Anchorage residents’ interest in development of the old Alaska Greenhouse property as a community park.

Northeast Community Council and Scenic Foothills Community Council passed multiple resolutions in favor of dedicating municipal property along Chester Creek southeast of Muldoon Road and DeBarr Road intersection for a park. The planned realignment, as currently mapped, was geared for commercial development and does not appear to be a good fit with the proposed Muldoon Town Square Park.

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