Muldoon Town Square Park

img_0343Construction has begun – late summer 2016 – on Phase 1

Construction of the front portion of the Muldoon Park Strip – the part we call Muldoon Town Square – began in August 2016 and is expected to be complete by fall of 2017. Phase 1 plans call for an all-inclusive playground, an ice (skating) ribbon, pavilion, bridge across the creek, a home for the Muldoon Farmers Market and more! At least two more phases are to follow to finish the park on the old Alaska Greenhouse site at DeBarr & Muldoon.

I support Muldoon Town Square Park at DeBarr RoadThe Anchorage Assembly voted to dedicate the entire old Alaska Greenhouse site as park land at a public hearing July 14, 2015. The Assembly received overwhelming support for a 29-acre Muldoon Town Square Park east of Muldoon Road and south of DeBarr. Assembly approval was a very important step in getting an East Anchorage community park with a Muldoon Town Square and much-needed green space. The official park planning process with Anchorage Parks & Recreation began in the fall of 2015; the Muldoon Town Square Park Master Plan was approved by the Anchorage Planning & Zoning Commission in April of 2016.

Why we call it Muldoon Town Square Park

On Parks and Recreation maps, 12 acres of undeveloped park land on the old Alaska Greenhouse site is named Muldoon Community Park (easy to confuse with Arnold L. Muldoon Park in Scenic Foothills). It's where Chester Creek meets DeBarr, east of Muldoon Road.

To the Dena'ina, who called it "Chanshtnu" (meaning Grass Creek), this was an important fishing site. The stream's traditional name was later anglicized to Chester Creek –  it had nothing to do with anyone named Chester. (See Rediscovering the Dena’ina.)

Northeast Community Council called it the Muldoon Park Strip, because they wanted the entire 29-acre old Alaska Greenhouse site to be dedicated park land for multiple uses, like the 9th Avenue (Delaney) Park Strip, downtown.

Scenic Foothills called it Muldoon Town Square Park to show where it is, in the heart of Muldoon, and suggest what it might become: a community gathering place for East Anchorage in Muldoon. It is a key feature of the East Anchorage District Plan (adopted December 2, 2014).

Selection of a permanent name for the park will happen as part of the park master plan process. East Anchorage legislators have secured state grants of $1.5 million for park planning and the initial construction phase.

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